​About the company

Ariel Wimasor – Traffic and Parking Control, of the YSB Yaacobi Brothers Group,

is the leading company in Israel in the fields of planning, supplying, installing and providing maintenance for traffic control systems, tunnels control and command, traffic lights systems, entrance and parking control systems combined with LPR technologies, automatic payment systems, electronic signposting, parking meters, directing systems for indoor/outdoor parking lots, biometrics and CCTV (closed circuit television).

The company has been active since 1971. It is a leader in its field and it benefits from technological superiority thanks to its experienced, knowledgeable and professional human capital, and its proven ability in performing complex projects with a comprehensive integrative vision.

Ariel Wimasor controls a market segment of over 50% in the area of traffic control and management, traffic lights systems and parking control in the country's central cities.

The company's clients include leaders in the market and industry, government ministries, the Airports Authority, governmental companies, the national roads company, the Israeli police force, the prisons authority, local authorities, hospitals, universities, residence buildings and luxury buildings.

Ariel Wimasor has an unrestricted contractor license in electricity and traffic lights, and an ISO 9001 quality standard, approved by the Israel Bureau of Standards.

The company has software and hardware development infrastructures that enable the adjustment of technological systems to the client's needs, examining and adjusting advanced technologies from international suppliers, within a comprehensive vision.

The company is unique in the way it accompanies the clients, that combines defining the needs, development, supply, installing and assimilating the systems, and ongoing maintenance accompaniment that includes enhancement of the systems based on advanced technologies.

The company has a proven ability to provide maintenance, enhancement and customer service to its clients over time, thanks to the center in the company's headquarters that is manned 24/7, year round, that includes teams of proficient and experienced practical engineers and technicians.

The company's headquarters are in the new park of industry in Rishon Le'Ziyon, and the additional branches – the north branch, the Jerusalem branch and the south branch – enable us to provide services to our clients around the country.

Additional areas of activity in the Yaakobi brothers group​

Selected Projects​

Areas of expertise

Collection and sorting of mixed household waste.

Sale of recycled materials (iron, aluminum, plastic sorted by type, paper, cardboard etc.).

Compacting recycled materials into compacted bales which reduces transportation costs.

Design, construction, training and consultation for waste sorting plants including composting sites


Ariel Wimasor Traffic & Parking Control

Ariel Wimasor

Traffic & Parking Control